Everything You Need to Know

brother and sister close in age snuggling toddler and a baby casual lifestyle portrait


Good news! Booking is easy! First things first though, we will want to go over some light paperwork, including your contract, my session policies and what you can expect. The first thing we will discuss is the date of your session. To book, you'll get a link from me where you can pick the exact date you want and pay your retainer. At this time you'll pay your non-refundable session fee of $300. This covers our consultation, styling, location scouting and the session itself. The session fee does not include digital or print products, or any credit to use in your gallery.

Booking far in advance is important! We will want as much time as possible to plan and prepare. I recommend booking a month out if possible, but it should be noted that most families book popular dates as far as 9-10 months in advance.


Your Session

Once your contract is signed, retainer paid and date booked, we will prep and plan! We will discuss everything from your location, to your wardrobe, hair, makeup, pet involvement, even footwear. I want you to arrive to your session knowing exactly what to expect! 

If you are adding hair, makeup and wardrobe onto your session, so much of that work will be taken care of you a few hours before your session. We'll meet at my studio where one of my trusted hair and makeup artists will help you look and feel as beautiful as possible. Here you'll also get to peruse my studio wardrobe and choose a dress you love. 

Your session will be the easy part! Typically, my golden hour sessions last 30-90 minutes. I have perfected a workflow over the years to help keep things moving and keep kids happy! Most moms say they can't believe how easy the session was and how comfortable they felt in front of the camera. 


The Fun Part

Within two weeks of your session you'll get an email from me letting you know that your photos are ready! You'll get to select a 24 hour window to have your own personal viewing party. I always recommend finding a block of time in your schedule when all members of your family can sit down together and watch the slideshow (on the biggest screen you have) of images I've prepared for you. Grab your tissues, lots of folks find themselves a little teary eyed for this part! 

After your viewing party, you'll get to choose the collection you'd like to purchase (see those details below). Once paid for, you'll receive a link to your gallery, where you'll be able to mull over your photos and pick and choose how you'd like to allocate your gallery credits. 

Package One

All the digitals
$600 Print Credit


Package Two

Twenty-five digitals
$300 Print Credit


Package Three

Ten digitals
$150 Print Credit