Hey there!

I'm Jill! 

I live in the Catskills in an adorable town called Livingston Manor. 


I am a lover of beautiful things and obsessed with how the light changes them.


I'm a sucker for nostalgia and love to create images that feel like classics. 


I believe in the unposed, unpredictable and unexpected moments. 


I have a soft spot for the law benders and rule breakers. Bring it on. 


I reject any idea that you aren't "photogenic". You are. 


I embrace only the truest emotions. That's where beauty lies. 


I need to be challenged, and get bored with monotony. 


I treat my clients as individuals and insist on seeing their soul.


I refuse to really grow up and feel compelled to make immature jokes.


I feel that love and happiness are the most important things we could possess.


I love imperfections, yet I don't know that they really exist. 

I yearn to show everybody how beautiful they really are. 

Are you ready? 

About Jill 

Jill Smith is an award winning and published photographer who lives in the Catskills in the cozy town of Livingston Manor with her husband and two children (with a couple of cats and dogs here and there). 

Her primary focus is family photography for all seasons of a family's life. She is also contracted by Catskill Regional Medical Center as their official newborn photographer, frequently donates her time and resources for local charities and organizations and periodically teaches free classes to novice photographers.

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Jeffersonville, NY

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