That first year of your baby's life is probably the quickest one you'll ever know. From the day you give birth, to the first month, to the first year, each moment is more fleeting than the last and babies change so much overnight, and so does your life! 

I'm a mom, and I know that as cute as they are, babies sure do complicate our day to day routines. Because of this, I offer several options for parents looking to celebrate that first year. From birth space photos, studio sessions or an intimate in home shoot, I want getting professional photos for your baby to be easy for your entire family. 

Take a minute to check out the different options I offer for each stage of your little sweet's first year. I can just about guarantee there is something that will work for you and your crew!


in home

newborn sessions

Also known as "Welcome Home Sessions"

For the families who don't just want to document their child's first few weeks of life, but also, the space where they are being raised. I will come to your home on a day and time that's convenient for you and your family. We will spend an hour or two together, creating lasting memories for you and your children to revisit years from now. 


images purchased separately

studio child

& baby sessions

Take place in my Liberty, NY studio

Maybe you love the cozy look of an in home lifestyle session, but you don't feel your home has the right look, amount of light, or maybe, you just don't want the hassle of cleaning up for photos (because, kids, you know). I get it. That's why I've designed my natural light studio in Liberty, NY to resemble a bright and airy living space, complete with a bed, a crib, and several places to relax, I know you'll love the minimal, all white aesthetic of this space just as much as you appreciate the convenience. 


images purchased separately

birth space newborn sessions

Also known as "Fresh 48s". 

These newborn sessions take place within the first few days of birth, in the hospital, or wherever you've decided to give birth. 

Unlike birth, these sessions are quick and painless (sorry!). They last between 30 and 90 minutes and be focused on just your baby, or the entire family. It's really up to you! They are photojournalistic in style, include zero props or poses.  


all inclusive

About Jill 

Jill Smith is an award winning and published photographer who lives in the Catskills in the cozy town of Livingston Manor with her husband and two children (with a couple of cats and dogs here and there). 

Her primary focus is family photography for all seasons of a family's life. She is also contracted by Catskill Regional Medical Center as their official newborn photographer, frequently donates her time and resources for local charities and organizations and periodically teaches free classes to novice photographers.

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