2019 Trout Parade

Thanks for joining me at the 2019 Livingston Manor Trout Parade! 

Click on the image to view and download your photos. 

These files will be "web sized" so they're perfect for sharing on social media. 

Photo credit is encouraged and appreciated! 

Enjoy, and thanks again for stopping by! 

2019 APPHV 5k

We are filled with gratitude that you chose to support and participate in our first ever 5K for our brand new charitible organization, A Piece of the Puzzle Hudson Valley. 

I had an absolute blast and my heart is so full after seeing the turnout and enthusiasm to help raise money and awareness for ASD. 

You'll find photos from this day here, available for download, viewing and sharing.

I truly cannot express my most sincere appreciation for those of you who took time out of your Sunday to join us.