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2023 Family Mini Sessions

Forget everything you think you know about mini sessions. These short but sweet golden hour sessions are just like my full sessions.

The theme? Connection.


No props means you and your loves are the focus. And thanks to years of experience, I've perfected a concise workflow that will move your session along quickly but still leave you with a nice big gallery of photos to choose from.

Here are the details:

Limited availability - $400 - $200 gallery credit is included (5 digital downloads)


May 19 & 20
Roscoe, NY

I chose this gorgeous fishing spot in Roscoe, NY for my May family mini sessions. This location is easy to find and located on a main road with ample off street parking. Because it's on a main road, it may not be the best choice for children who are prone to wandering (or running) away.

This location is rich with bucolic views and a variety of wildflowers. 

There's a narrow deer path the fishermen take down to the river that offers some stunning mountain vistas. 


June 16 & 17
Livingston Manor, NY

Tucked away in Livingston Manor, NY on the Willowemoc is this peaceful fishing spot for my June family mini sessions. This location is easy to find and while it's on a main road with ample off street parking, the shooting location itself doesn't have easy access to the road, so adventurous children will be safe here.

We will be shooting half your session on the river, and the other half in a small, sun drenched field.

The golden hour light is great here and the river provides  a stunning view no matter the weather.


July 7 & 8
Narrowsburg, NY

What better place for summertime family photos than with your toes dipped in the Delaware with a historic bridge in the background. 
That's exactly why I chose the Milanville Bridge in Narrowsburg for July. You'll fall in love with the undulating lines of the Delaware juxtaposed against the straight lines of the Milanville Bridge makes this one of my favorite places to shoot in the summer .

There's plenty of parking here, and it's located at the end of a side road off of 97, near Lander's, so it's easy to find, but safe for your little ones to explore. The bridge itself is closed off to vehicles, so it's also safe for us to be on.


August 11 & 12
Smallwood, NY

This expansive park in Smallwood, town of Bethel, is so much fun for families. This spot is a great if you worry about your little ones trying to go swimming during your session. 
There are trails running through fields and woods, with a surprise footbridge going over a small stream.
This location has plenty of parking, a port-a-potty, and is easy to find.
This is probably a great option for young families whose kids need to let loose and run, without having to worry about them ending up in the road or the water.


September 8 & 9
Bethel, NY

A new favorite shooting location, Lake Superior Park in Bethel offers the best of it all. Sandy shores, breathtaking sunsets and grassy fields, it's a photographer's dream. 
This park is easy to find on Dr Duggan Rd with not shortage of parking. 
It's the perfect spot for late summer family portraits, just as our minds are starting to think of fall. 



October 13 & 14
South Fallsburg, NY

Specially chosen for the incredible display of foliage I see t this location, this historic pedestrian bridge will serve us well for fall family mini sessions. 
The bridge itself is a rainbow of muted tones, thanks to the oxidization and rust. Against a backdrop of jewel toned maples and birches, it's the quintessential fall view. 

Parking is side of the road only here. Not to worry, the road is relatively quiet and there's almost never anybody else here.

Aside from the picturesque bridge, there's green space here as well, so we'll have plenty of variety as far as scenery is concerned.

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