Your Session


**Bookmark this page, trust me on this one! 

1. Choose a location! I have some amazing go to locations that I can share with you, or you can choose a place that's special to you. Be sure to share your ideas with me to make sure your location works!


2. Design your wardrobe! I always suggest starting with mom's outfit, and then choosing pieces that coordinate with her after that. Some colors work better than others. Always stay away from neon colors, clothes with loud patterns, graphics/text or large logos and excessive red and black. Muted tones and neutrals are pretty failsafe. Maxi dresses work for most women and add a lot of beautiful movement and texture. As for coordinating, do not try to put people in the same or similar outfits, this never looks good. Instead, coordinate by matching style of clothing or finding common colors. *Due to COVID 19 guidelines, I will not be supplying blankets or quilts for my outdoor family sessions. If possible, please bring one of your own from home. 


3. Complete your session questionnaire. If you do nothing else on your list, do this! It will just take a minute or two and vastly improved your entire experience and the outcome of your photos. 

Let's Customize Your Session!
My ideal photo session would be...
My biggest fears about my session are...
Some of the things we are willing to do are...
Once my pictures are ready, I plan to...
Speaking of social media...

Lastly, here are some quick tips that I love to share! 

-Your kids can't ruin the session, no matter how hard they try! Do your best to not stress about their behavior. Keeping the mood upbeat and light hearted will help us get the best results. 

-When trying to figure out your gallery purchases, try to envision how you will be enjoying your photos 10-15 years from now. 

-Keep an open mind and trust the process. I work with over 100 families each year and have yet to have a "bad session". 


I have been contemplating the best ways to do my job well, and do it safely. Here’s what I have in mind:


  • More efficient sessions. I’ve always tried to keep my sessions short and sweet without compromising variety in your gallery, but this will become a priority moving forward. My aim will be 30-60 minutes. 

  • Masks and distance. I will be wearing a mask for the duration of your session and maintaining appropriate distance. 

  • Digital ordering. You will be able to place your gallery orders online only during this time. I hope to soon be able to also offer in person ordering, and will explore using platforms like Zoom and Google to design a system that allows us to work together on your order.