Planning Your Fresh 48

What to Expect

After booking your session, there's very little you need to do to prepare. We may touch base on and off between the day you book and the day you give birth. 

When you're on your way to the hospital, or as soon as you believe the baby is coming, you can shoot me a text (845-866-5921). The sooner you let me know, the better. Once baby is born, we will figure out when I'm coming, but you can expect it will be sometime in the morning or afternoon. 


  • Do I have to be photographed?  Nope! While I welcome and encourage parents to get in some of the shots, it's not necessary. Please do understand that with little babies who are not yet able to sit unassisted, this will limit the variety of shots we can get.

  • When are you coming? Typically I come as soon as you're ready for me, and as soon as I'm able to be there. For moms who deliver vaginally, that's typically the day after you give birth, while for C-Section moms, it's more likely going to be two days after you deliver. Sometimes I've come as early as the day baby was born, and other times I've come as late as the day mom and baby go home. Ultimately, you and I will decided together when the best time for me to visit will be.

  • Can my other children be in the photos? Sure! Let me know if you'd like me to be there when your older child(ren) meet your newest addition! 

  • What props do you have? None. Zip. Zero. I think your baby is perfectly sufficient, so I never use any props or backdrops. 

  • What clothes should I wear? GREAT QUESTION! There are lot of dos and don'ts! Avoid bright colors and loud patterns at all costs! Bright pinks, bold red, green and excessive blacks are especially difficult to photography in the hospital. You cannot go wrong with light neutrals. Colors that work well are muted teals, very pale pink and subdued blues. Pro tip - Avoid the matching robe/swaddle sets that seem to be so popular right now. Very few of them have colors and patterns that work in the hospital, and when you hold the baby, it's almost like camouflage, they disappear! 

  • Can we take photos of me breastfeeding? I'd love to! Please be sure to communicate this with me if I don't ask! 

  • Can we try this thing on I saw on Pinterest? So while I love to be inspired by others, I also hope you've chosen me based on my work. I have to admit that any time I have tried to recreate another person's ideas, it is an absolute fail. I am always open to ideas, but I prefer to be inspired by you and your family.

  • How many pictures do I get? On average, my Fresh 48 galleries contain 35+ unique images, edited in both color and black and white (so 70+ altogether). 

  • How do I get my photos? Within two weeks of your session, you will receive a link in your email to your gallery. It will contain the best photos from your session edited in color and black and white. You'll be provided with a special download PIN.  Digitals can only be downloaded to a computer, not a phone or tablet. 

  • Can I print these? Sure! I strongly recommend ordering prints through your gallery. I believe it's important to invest in quality prints so your photos maintain their integrity generation after generation. If you're used to ordering your prints from big box stores and online bargain printers, you're going to be amazed at the difference in quality! I promise, it's worth it! 

About Jill 

Jill Smith is an award winning and published photographer who lives in the Catskills in the cozy town of Livingston Manor with her husband and two children (with a couple of cats and dogs here and there). 

Her primary focus is family photography for all seasons of a family's life. She is also contracted by Catskill Regional Medical Center as their official newborn photographer, frequently donates her time and resources for local charities and organizations and periodically teaches free classes to novice photographers.

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