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Ashley's Mommy & Me

I always have a hard time getting out sneak peeks of my Mini Sessions for some reason! I think it's because I am trying to get them delivered to everybody as quickly as I can, I rarely stop to share.

But as I'm about to deliver one of my oldest client's gallery, I can't help but share.

I know I've said it before, but there really is something about photographing a family year after year, and sometimes more than once a year. We get so comfortable with eachother, know what to expect, and I often feel more comfortable taking liberties and being a little more creative.

I have been working with Ashley and Evan since Jaxson was just a few weeks old. They were some of my first clients. They put their trust in me, and took a chance, when I was green and just getting started. I will always appreciate that trust.

I say trust because I am just as unsure of myself and my work as I was when I was just getting started. Actually, probably moreso now, as my personal standards are always being raised, and I'm always analyzing what I need to improve. But I digress.

I guess I just want to say thank you to the Irwins, and to all my clients who take a chance on me, and trust me. Please know that I take these commisions seriously, and I know how important my job is, to capture these moments and emotions for you. And I promise, I will never stop trying to get better.

Tangent over. Here's the main event. Some of my favorite's from Ashley's Mommy & Me Minis, this year held at the beautiful Tennanah Lake Golf & Tennis Club.

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