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Raegan's Fresh 48

Last year, Kate scheduled me for a Fresh 48 for the birth of her adorable daughter, Grace. I met many of her family members that day and loved them all, so I was absolutely thrilled when Kate and her mom bought a Fresh 48 gift certificate for her cousin, Maria's baby shower gift (GENIUS, wish I could go back in time and add one to my registry!)

Baby Raegan is quite possibly the smallest baby I've ever worked with, weighing in at a petite 5lbs 1oz! But you definitely should not be fooled by her tiny stature. This little lady was very strong and alert for such a new baby, tracking her parents with her eyes and turning her head to sounds; Not something you typically see so early on. She left me smiling for the rest of the day, and all the time I spent working on their gallery.

I don't normally talk about how I choose to edit any particular galleries, but I will say that with Raegan, Maria and Chris's photos, I just kept getting the nostalgic vibes that I get when looking at old film photos. Lots of warm, natural light, and genuine and candid moments.

smiling newborn baby award winning photo

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