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What to Expect When You Hire Me

My aim for each and every session is to create a relaxed, friendly environment for all children and families, when I arrive I will spend a bit of time getting to know your children, I want them to feel comfortable with me and make them feel as if it is completely normal that I am there. If we are shooting in your home and back yard I will have a quick look around for the best light and spots to photograph in.

I love creating warm, fun photos filled with love. All you need to be is open and trust me, and from here I can capture those moments. The best sessions are always the ones where parents are stress-free and in good spirits.

There is no need to tell them to smile - just be positive and excited about the shoot and leave the rest to me! Be yourself! Remember, these are pictures of you so don’t try to be like that person from Pinterest. We will try a number of shots and not all of them will turn out and that’s okay. The ones that do turn out will be the most natural and beautiful versions of you and your family!

I can't wait to work with your family!

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