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  • Where are these?  These sessions are taking place at my Jeffersonville studio, located at 4889 State Route 52, between to VIP Fitness and Samba Cafe.

  • Can we get just one group shot? Each 5 minute slot is meant for one child. Please be sure to book one time slot for each child who will be photographed. They must be back to back if you would like a family or group shot. Cooperation is key! Without cooperation we will run out of time.

  • What is your COVID protocol? Studio policy currently allows one family at a time. All parties not being photographed must wear a mask.

  • How should my child dress? This is up to you! For a classic looking portrait, I suggest choosing clothing without graphics or large logos. Let the focus be on your child!

  • How many pictures do I get? You can expect about 3-5 different photos of your child in the gallery.

  • How do I get my photos? Within two weeks of your session, you will receive a link in your email to your gallery. Here you'll be able to purchase your photos as either lustre prints or as digital downloads. Digitals can only be downloaded to a computer, not a phone or tablet. 

  • What will they cost? Print prices start at $4 for a 4x6 lustre print. Fill out the questionnaire below to get a $10 credit! 

  • What if I can't make my appointment or if I'm running late?  Letting me know as soon as you realize this is a must. You can send me a text at 845-866-5924, even if it's the day of. People who "no show" will be excluded from being invited to similar events in the future.

School Photo Feedback Form
How satisfied were you with the photos?How satisfied were you with the photos?
How important was it to you to have background choices?How important was it to you to have background choices?
What were you most happy with?
How satisfied were you with the prices?How satisfied were you with the prices?
Did you feel like you had adequate communiction regarding school photos, their dates and the process?

Thanks! Use the coupon code LMCS10SSP for $10 off your gallery purchase!