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What to Wear?

Dressing yourself and your family for your photo session doesn't have to be a headache. 

I have a few tried and true guidelines to help, as well as some inspiration to act as a spring board. 

  1. Dress mom first. Then worry about every body else. Let's face it, you're going to be your hardest customer, so start by finding a piece that makes you feel your very best. Dresses are always encouraged, even if you're not "a dress person". Give them a chance. They add so much movement and are always a flattering and timeless choice. 

  2. Texture texture texture. When choosing pieces for your photos, what the camera is going to capture, aside from the color is the texture. Cheap fabrics (think the knock off dress you can get off of Amazon) scream "CHEAP FABRICS" when photographed. Opt for gauzey or linen textures, good lace, washed cotton, etc. 

  3. Footwear matters. Very rarely are we not "off roading" at the shooting locations. Resist the urge to wear those 6" stilettos, and opt for flat footwear. Convince the boys to leave the crocs at home this time. Muted, down to earth footwear that doesn't steal the show is usually your best bet. 

  4. Accessorize. Is your outfit falling flat? Maybe it's missing a belt or a scarf? Now is the time for some fun accessories to really add your personality to your look. 

Earth Tones

Beachy Blues

Navy Neutral

Green & Orange

Casual & Cozy