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Planning your studio session

My studio sessions couldn't be more laid back! When it comes to prep, the only thing you really need to plan for is what you'll be wearing. For the studio, light, casual and neutral are best! Check out some of the families below for some inspiration.


  • Do I have to be photographed?  Nope! While I welcome and encourage parents to get in some of the shots, it's not necessary. Please do understand that with little babies who are not yet able to sit unassisted, this will limit the variety of shots we can get.

  • My baby is about to turn one, can I bring a cake? Sorry! For all cake smash sessions, I would rather send you to my studio partner, A. Danzilo Photography who specializes in this type of session. 

  • What props do you have? Almost none! I have a few small wooden toys that I include sometimes. Aside from those, the focus will always be 100% on your baby. I really don't use props, backdrops and gently guide instead of posing. 

  • What clothes should I bring? You honestly don't have to bring anything for your baby! I have a nice little collection in my studio wardrobe for you and your baby to choose from. To maintain a certain aesthetic, we will stick to an all white/neutral wardrobe. I love to stick them in one of my all white diapers for some really classic shots. 

  • Can we try this thing on I saw on Pinterest? So while I love to be inspired by others, I also hope you've chosen me based on my work. I have to admit that any time I have tried to recreate another person's ideas, it is an absolute fail. I am always open to ideas, but I prefer to be inspired by you and your family.

  • How many pictures do I get? When you book a studio session, you can expect a minimum of 35 unique photos, each one edited in color and black and white, delivered to your email in an online gallery for you to view, share and download. 

  • How do I get my photos? Within two weeks of your session, you will receive a link in your email to your gallery. It will contain the best photos from your session edited in color and black and white. You'll be provided with a special coupon code. Digitals can only be downloaded to a computer, not a phone or tablet. Please let me know if you have zero access to a computer. We will find another way for you to get your photos! 

  • Can I print these? Sure! I strongly recommend ordering prints through your gallery. I believe it's important to invest in quality prints so your photos maintain their integrity generation after generation. If you're used to ordering your prints from big box stores and online bargain printers, you're going to be amazed at the difference in quality! I promise, it's worth it! 

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