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A Beautiful Catskills Maternity Session

A few weekends ago I met up with the Howes at their weekend home in Bovina Center.

I had never been up that way and it was such a treat. There was even more solitude up there than here in Livingston Manor!

Since I've moved here 7 years ago, I'm noticing more and more transplants. Some start as weekenders, but many end up full time residents of the beautiful Catskills (and who can blame them?)

I actually find a lot of common ground with these clients, being a transplant myself. I'm actually from Long Island, from a super small town called Center Moriches, out east on the south shore. I spent my childhood on the boat and at the beach, fishing and swimming most summer days. I love that I still have a lot of friends and family down there, so I always have an excuse to go back and visit. Still, I definitely feel like I've found my forever home here in the mountains.

It's been exciting, seeing the new faces pop up, with new ideas, and all the budding businesses dotting every Main Street. It's going to be interesting to see how this already amazing area evolves over the next few years.

So let's say congratulations and welcome, to the impending new parents, and members of our growing community. Thank you so much, Kim, for inviting me to your beautiful home, and trusting me with your very first professional portraits. I am so excited for the journey you're about to begin!

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