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Another Big Announcement!

Since October, I've been quietly working on my most exciting and fulfilling collaboration to date.

So I am OVER. THE. MOON. to officially, and finally announce my partnership with Catskill Regional Medical Center / CRMC to provide my beloved Fresh 48 sessions to the parents of Sullivan County.

So what does this mean for you, the client? I am fully vetted and credentialed by the hospital. As per their (and my own) standards;

1. I am always up to date on my vaccines and safety trainings to work with you and your most precious little sweet. 2. I am HIPAA trained. 3. I am fully insured.

Getting here hasn't been quick, or easy, but I am so excited for this partnership to help more parents immortalize those first few hours with their new child.

A HUGE thanks to Toni Ann Duncan, who has been more than instrumental with making this happen.

For more information on booking, contact me here, or at

catskill regional medical center

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