Bobbi's Mommy & Me

Bobbi and I met shortly after I moved to Sullivan County when we worked together at the same school.

It can be hard being the "new girl", but Bobbi was kind to me from the start. We became fast friends, and have kept in touch since I've left that job 4 years ago.

I've referred to Bobbi as half of my "Adam & Eve". She was my first ever client, and I'm pretty sure I can trace most of my clients back to her. :-P

We have seen eachother through happy times and sad. I remember when she was pregnant with her third baby, and after two girls, naturally she hoped she would have a boy.

I will always remember the excitement when she found out she was getting her son! And of course the day he was born.

Her youngest daughter always referred to me as her teacher. That, combined with her freckles keeps her pretty important in my book ;-)

And of course her oldest is the epitome of sweet, kind and responsible. She always blows my mind with what a great kid she is.

And Bobbi's resilience and strength, and common sense will never surprise me, because from the moment I met her, I could see exactly the woman she is.

Recently she bought her first home, by herself, followed by a snow mobile! You gotta love this woman!



Nice to meet you!

I'm Jill, a New York based lifestyle photographer passionate about making moms feel seen, heard and beautiful.

Becoming a mom is what drove me to start my own business in the first place. After having my first baby, I couldn't stand the idea of going back to work for somebody else. I wanted to be present, as much as possible and set my own hours. So now it only makes sense that I help other moms preserve the most fleeting moments and document the beauty of motherhood. 


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