Choosing a Location for Your Catskills Photo Session

Let's talk about location!

Early on in the booking process this is one of the first questions I ask. If we are looking to do an outdoor session, the location is crucial. I have some tried and true locations in my back pocket that I will suggest, and there are other locations that a lot of people like to have their sessions at (with me or other photographers) that I actually don't think are great locations at all.

So what do I look for in a location for my clients? A few things.

1. Variety. A location may offer a beautiful view or a particular point of interest, but if there's not much beyond that, I'm going to steer clear of it.

2. Open space. I don't like shooting under too many deciduous trees, and I need enough space to be able to back up and create different angles. I also want the sunlight to be able to reach us easily.

3. Safety. Especially if I'm working with small kids, I need to know that this space is safe if a child decides to suddenly dart.

4. Permission. Is this a public space? If not, are we allowed to be here? I never trespass or disrespect another's property for the sake of a good shot so knowing that we are allowed to be in our location is super important to me.

Luckily for my clients, if they're having trouble coming up with a location that fits the bill, I have curated a list with lots of visuals of some of my favorite spots to shoot. Part of what you can expect with me is knowing you can trust me to use my experience and knowledge of light and photography to guide your session start to finish :-)

Eileen and Ryan suggested their uncle's farm (Long Hill Farm) and sent me a link to his site. Wow, I was blown away and extremely enthusiastic about this location. A pond! Old barns, a renovated old farm house and lots of open space and rolling fields. These two and their adorable son totally rocked their session from start to finish and I am so thankful I got to explore this amazing location with them!

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