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Dressing for Family Photos During Drab Months in The Catskills

So many of my clients avoid booking family photos during the duller, less colorful months because they assume the photos won't be as pretty.

Yes, I get where you're coming from. November-March in The Catskills and Hudson Valley can be pretty brown and even dreary. The trees are often bare, leaves are brown, the grass is yellow, and of course, there's not a flower in sight.

But don't let that stop you. Instead of trying to inject color into these seasons, why not embrace the sullen neutral color palette these months have to offer?

I encourage my families who have sessions during these months to choose neutrals and other colors that will blend into their environment. Tone en tone, so to speak. In this example, mom is in an olive dress from Baltic Born (You can get it here) that pairs beautifully with the greys, golds and browns of the Stone Arch Park in Kenoza Lake.

In this very early spring family session, the whole family was dressed in neutrals, in beautiful fabrics that added texture and visual interest; A testament that bright foliage isn't the only way to make your family photos eye catching!

Even in this late winter, foggy, dead grass landscape, the light colored neutrals and peachy tan sweater work perfectly WITH the backdrop.

So I've spent some time scouring the internet for beautiful dresses that would work PERFECTLY during any of these neutral months. The dresses below would all work BEAUTIFULLY during these months.

Hopefully you'll be inspired to book your Catskills family photos outside of the normal times of year and experiment with a new color palette!

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