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Five Families I Want to Work With in 2024

We’re all getting settled into 2024, I’m excited to try new things and create beautiful family photos that are more meaningful than ever. I can't lie, it's not too hard to do this, living here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, but after ten plus years of being a very busy family photographer here, I'm getting just a little bit bored of the same old stuff.

I’m over the cookie cutter sessions that make your family look like every other family. I want to tell YOUR story and create something more meaningful and more unique. Here’s who I’m looking to work with this year:

1. Cozy Families - How do you feel about a casual, in-home sessions that highlight your connectedness and the warmth of the home you’ve made? Think lazy Sunday mornings, kitchen dance parties, or quiet moments of togetherness.

Two parents, a mom and a dad, sitting on a beige sectional in a bright and airy living room in the Catskills, holding their smiling baby girl in a yellow sweater.

2. Intimate Families - Families who aren’t shy about showing affection. If your family loves close hugs, laughter-filled squeezes, and authentic moments of closeness.

Man hugging pregnant woman, his wife from behind while he kisses her neck and she smiles. They are standing in a backlit field of milkweed in the Catskills of Roscoe, New York.

3. Earthy Families - Homesteaders, farmers, and gardeners, this one’s for you. If your family is right at home in your backyard, with hands in the soil with big for the land, I want to tell your story.

Teenage girl in plaid shirt hugs a heritage sheep at golden hour at her farm in Livingston Manor, NY in the Catskills.

4. Outdoorsy Families - Adventurers, hikers, and campers, I’m looking at you. If your family feels at home in the great outdoors, and you’re willing to put a little work in for an absolutely stunning backdrop, we should work together.

Two sisters with brown hair, one in braids, explore the shores of the Hudson River Valley in Beacon, NY at Long Dark Park. Behind them are the Catskills.

5. Traveling Families - Whether you’re on your baby moon, a family vacation or have a second home in the Catskills or Hudson Valley, let’s get together and document your time here. I’ll show you all my favorite spots in the area and you’ll have something better than a keychain as a souvenir.

A woman, a mother, and her two daughters walk towards the sunset alongside a split rail fence, while on the other side horses gallup into the sun in Grahamsville, NY in the Catskills, during their family photo session.

For me, family photography is about more than just individual pictures; it’s about telling your unique story, capturing genuine moments, and showcasing the beauty of your family dynamic.

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