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Flattering Poses for Your Family Photos

  • Know your good side! For some moms, this is something they can answer right away, but for others it's not. Take some time in the mirror, or looking over photos of yourself to figure out which side is your "good side". Normally , it's the side your part your hair to if you're having trouble figuring it out.

  • Angle, angle, angle! I usually pose dads parallel to the camera to accentuate the broadness of their shoulders, but angle moms to get your most flattering side (this is where knowing your good side helps!).

  • Relax! You can nail your angles and poses, knowing your good side, and all of that, but it won't help if you're feeling uptight and stressed. So often our kids can stress us out and make us think that they are ruining the session. So let me put you at ease and say that your kids can't ruin the session at all. So take that and know that you can be at ease. We want natural smiles and body language.

  • Let's move! Moving your body helps your face relax. When I have women walk, I always say to imagine you are on a 1 foot wide tight rope, so help maintain that hourglass shape with each step.

That's it! I hope that helps. Please also know that I have tons of tips and tricks with camera angles, lenses and photoshop to ensure you look your absolute best in your family photos.

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