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FAQ "How Long Will My Session Last?"

If you've booked a full session, one of the questions I get asked frequently is, "How long is my family photography session?" My answer is typically 30-90 minutes, but it can vary based on certain factors.

My goal during your session is to avoid exhausting anyone with a long photo shoot. Instead, I keep things moving with a carefully and expertly crafted series of prompts and poses that keep the session light-hearted, upbeat, and based in connection and play. This approach allows us to capture genuine, authentic moments while keeping everyone engaged and enjoying themselves.

Factors that may influence the length of your session include the location, the number of people being photographed, and the ages of those being photographed. Newborn sessions, for example, tend to take longer than sessions with only the parents, such as maternity sessions.

If a shorter session is important to you, don't hesitate to let me know so we can plan accordingly. I'm here to make sure that you have a stress-free, quick, and easy lifestyle family photography experience.

If your partner or kids are less than thrilled about getting in front of the camera, you can reassure them that sessions with me are quick, light hearted and pretty much painless, so they can sweep that worry under the rug and just have fun!

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