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It Takes a Village

It takes a village.

That's why when I was asked if Auntie could be included in some of Tammy's Mommy & Me session I was more than happy to accomodate. (Plus, Auntie is super gorgeous and photogenic, so I was excited to photograph her too!)

It's not uncommon at all for clients to ask for a special person in their life to be included in a few of their portraits, so never be afraid to ask! Chances are, I will be even more excited about your session because it will be that much more special.

Of course, I strongly urged grandparents, Mary and Barry jump in for a few at the end. I have yet to meet somebody who regretted having their photo taken, but have met many who very much regret not.

Today's lessons? Definitely let me know if you have a special person or two extra you'd like included in your session, and get in front of that lens! You're beautiful, and your family wants to see more pictures of you!

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