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My Favorite Location in The Eastern Catskills for Family Photos

Finding new locations for family photo sessions in the Catskills is a challenge year after year. As somebody who has lived in Livingston Manor since 2011, I know lots of great shooting spots in this part of the Sullivan Catskills, but further east near Woodstock, Phoenicia, Saugerties, Mt. Tremper and Hunter has been a little trickier, especially since lots of families love to book vacations at the AirBnbs and VRBOs in the area.

But recently, I discovered the Thorn Preserve in the Woodstock and Zena area of the New York Catskills. After shooting in this spot in May through October, I can say it's beautiful any time of year. I would love to get a chance to come back when there's a blanket of snow. I know lots of skiers will be back up here then, at Belleayre, Windham and Hunter Mountains, and might realize it's the perfect time for their winter family photos!

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