Seniors and Newborns

Biggest difference between my senior sessions and my newborn sessions is that I don't feel 100% comfortable putting my newborns on the side of the highway.

Other than that minor detail, there are actually a lot of similarities between the two.

Mom and/or Dad are usually present, and often emotional. The kid is pretty happy to be there and up for anything. And these are my longest lasting sessions because newborns and seniors have the most endurance.

Still in love with this senior session with Morgan (and Wendy) from over the summer!

Can you figure out which ones were taken on the side of the highway?.



Nice to meet you!

I'm Jill, a New York based lifestyle photographer passionate about making moms feel seen, heard and beautiful.

Becoming a mom is what drove me to start my own business in the first place. After having my first baby, I couldn't stand the idea of going back to work for somebody else. I wanted to be present, as much as possible and set my own hours. So now it only makes sense that I help other moms preserve the most fleeting moments and document the beauty of motherhood. 


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