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The Best Time of Year for Family Photos

What time of year is best for family photos?

I think that all depends!

Spring in The Catskills is a magical time of year. We have similar golden hour light that you'll find in the fall, but with an array of pastels and warmth, as the flowering trees start to open and first flowers push through the ground. Golden Hour Sessions in May and June take place around 6/6:30 in the evening, so they're not always ideal for kids with an early bedtime.

Summer family sessions offer opportunities to explore one of the many creeks, rivers and lakes in our area. Warm weather also means more comfortable babies and more versatility with your wardrobe. You can even go barefoot in the water (what kids wouldn't love this?). Like spring sessions, these take place around 6/6:30, so a better choice for kiddos who can stay up a little later.

Fall sessions are my most popular for obvious reasons, and are always the first to sell out. Between fall foliage, sweater weather and dramatic skies. Fall session start times range from 5:30 in early September to 4:00 in late October, so these are a better idea for little ones with an early bedtime. The only catch is that we can get some cold weather this time of year, and it can very often be unpredictable.

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