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What to do during your lifestyle family photo session?

Your Seasonal Guide to Family Photo Sessions

Look, we’re all juggling a million things. Between work, family, and the endless to-do lists, who's got time for elaborate photo sessions? But capturing your family's moments shouldn't be a chore—it should be an experience. And let's cut to the chase; you want this experience to be hassle-free and meaningful. So here it is, a straightforward guide to nailing that lifestyle family photo session, season by season.

Spring: When Everything Comes Alive

1. Planting a Garden

Spring’s the time for new beginnings, right? Get those hands dirty and plant something. It's a low-key activity and trust me, the photos will look as natural as that fresh soil.

2. Picnic in the Park

Pack a lunch, head to the park, and just be. It's the relaxed vibe we’re going for here. Candid shots, genuine smiles, and zero stress.

3. Kite Flying

Wind's up and so should be your spirits. Flying a kite isn't just for the kids; it's a full-on family affair, and it photographs beautifully.

Summer: When the Living’s Easy

1. Day at the Beach

It's summer. If you’re not at the beach, you’re doing it wrong. Sandcastles, waves, or just lying there enjoying the sun—your pick. It all looks great on camera.

2. Fishing Trip

Who said you need to go far for a mini-adventure? A fishing trip is a perfect blend of excitement and those quiet family moments that make for killer photos.

3. Farmers' Market Visit

Walk, talk, and taste. Farmers' markets are a visual feast and a great place to capture spontaneous family interactions.

Fall: Let’s Get Cozy

1. Apple Picking

Pick an orchard, pick apples, and let me pick the best moments to capture. It's an easy outing, and the rustic backdrop is photo gold.

2. Pumpkin Picking & Carving

Let's meet at a farm and find the prettiest pumpkin in the patch! You focus on the pumpkin; I'll focus on capturing those moments you'll want to remember.

3. Leaf Pile Fun

Leaves on the ground mean one thing: it’s time to make a gigantic leaf pile and go nuts. Trust me, it’s as fun as it sounds, and the pictures prove it.

Winter: Warm Hearts, Cold Weather

1. Sledding

Pack up the sleds and hit the slopes—no ski pass required. It’s quick, it’s fun, and the action shots are a must-have.

2. Building a Snowman

Roll it, stack it, and throw on a scarf and hat. Building a snowman is classic winter fun and makes for some endearing photos.

3. Indoor Baking

When it’s too chilly, let's bring the fun indoors. You bake, I'll shoot. The cozy atmosphere is the perfect setting for those intimate family shots.

So what do you think? Could you picture your family doing any of these things? How would you feel about your next family portrait showcasing the things you DO together instead of all of you standing perfectly posed, smiling at the camera?

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