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What You're Paying For When You Hire a Professional Photographer

It was a pleasure to work with Ashley and her daughters again. It had been a few years, and Ashley told me about some professional portraits she paid to have taken of the girls at a major department store in the time between.

What Ashley told me about her experience echoed what I've heard many others say about similar operations. Because I don't want to denigrate any other business, large or small, I'll just share the perks of working with me (or another professional photographer) as opposed to patronizing a large chain.

1. You know what you're getting with me. You've seen my work, we've spoken and possibly have met before your session. I'm upfront about what's included in your packages and what isn't.

2. We can plan your session together. Because you and your family are completely unique and different from other families I've worked with, we need to lay out expectations, preferences, specific taste, outfits, location, etc. Every experience is completely customized to you.

3. Because of what I mentioned above, I'm better equipped to elicit and capture your family's personality and draw out true emotion. We'll talk about your child's favorite toys, movies, games. I'll want to know about how you met your spouse. I want to hear all about your baby shower, and what your favorite piece of baby gear is. These seemingly frivolous pieces of information help me learn more about you. A bonus I've found is that my clients often relax and open up more for the camera once they start talking about the people and things they love.

Ashley's most recent session is evidence of all of these things I just listed. We scouted a location that would lend itself to the feel Ashley was hoping for, and I adjusted my editing style based on the girls, their personalities and beautiful little dresses.

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