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A Versatile Space

If you walked into my Liberty, New York studio, you'll see that it was designed and meant for babies and young children.

There's a crib against one wall, and my studio partner A. Danzilo Photography has a wall of shelves with props and a posing cushion, with backdrops leaning in a corner. I set the back room up as a bedroom, which you have probably seen from some of my other sessions, complete with little wooden toys and a sweet little studio wardrobe.

Camryn came in to help me realize it's so much more versatile than I would have imagined. She contacted me to take some pictures to update her modeling portfolio and celebrate her 18th birthday. She really wanted a studio session, and I was up for the challenge.

She killed it, of course. I loved how much she made me think of a 90's Gapad (in the best way possible of course!).

Thanks so much for this experience, Camryn. You're a rockstar.

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