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FAQ "Can We Try This Thing I Saw on Pinterest?"

As a family photographer, my goal is to create beautiful and unique images that capture the essence of my families. While it's natural for you to be inspired by things you saw on Pinterest or other sources, I prefer to draw inspiration from you and your family and the beauty of the Catskills,, rather than attempting to copy someone else's work.

Here's why: When photographers try to replicate something they've seen on Pinterest, it rarely turns out well. The image may look great on Pinterest, but it may not translate well in real life or in the context of your specific session. I've found that trying to replicate someone else's work can actually hinder my creativity and limit my ability to create something truly unique and special for you.

Instead, I prefer to draw inspiration from the people I work with. Every person and every session is unique, and I believe that the best way to create beautiful and meaningful images is to work collaboratively with you to create something that is meaningful.

By taking the time to get to know my families and their personalities, I'm able to create images that truly capture their essence. This means that every image I create is unique and tailored to the specific family and session, rather than simply copying something that has been done before.

So, while I appreciate that you may have be inspired by something you saw another photographer do, I encourage you to trust in my ability to create something truly special for you and your family. By drawing inspiration from you, rather than trying to replicate something you've seen before, we can work together to create something that is truly unique and meaningful.

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