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Lifestyle Studio Maternity Portraits in the Catskills

I've built my business around being a golden hour obsessed, lifestyle family photography who does shoots on location all throughout the New York Catskills and Hudson Valley. When it comes to a lifestyle maternity photo session, we chase sunsets and views, and sometimes a touch of drama.

But during the colder and darker months that pretty much dominate nearly half of our year in Livingston Manor, I head over to my Jeffersonville, NY studio. It's a creative space, full of natural light. In the past, I've focused on very simple, all white on white baby portraiture.

But this year I felt a change coming. Frustrated with my own challenges with editing, and conflicted feelings of how these all white, clean and simple photos fit into the rest of my portfolio (which is pretty colorful and emotive). I decided to change things up in my studio. I hung a textured beige grasscloth wallpaper, got rid of the solid white floor, swapped my white window sheers for some off white macrame lace curtains and introduced a few new pieces of furniture.

I had a momma come into the studio and we were able to play around with new textures, light, colors and poses. I love that none of our poses were traditional maternity poses. We managed to stay outside the box, create what I feel like were beautiful and nostalgic portraits.

I know this sessions will be pivotal for me moving forward and will play such a big part of how I shoot maternity portraits. I love sessions like that, and they don't happen too often, but when they do, I feel like a fire has been lit beneath me.

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