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Pricing Mini Sessions

I've found far too that far too many photographers include what they call mini sessions as a part of their offer suite, but are not actual mini sessions. Offering year round, shorter sessions that can be booked as one off photo shoots are not mini sessions.

I think what stops so many photographers from having real success with their mini sessions is the overwhelm they feel when they price them. And I get it. Putting a number that represents the value of our time and the work we produce is daunting, but if we come at it from a logical standpoint, it can be easy too.

Since I began offering mini sessions, I've offered them in a way that allows the client to get a great value, a professional experience and a robust gallery, without extraneous effort or work from me. And the best part? My mini sessions are extremely profitable. I average about $450/hour on my mini sessions, which is about twice what I make hourly for my regular sessions.

I have actually created a formula that can help any photographer price their mini sessions to be twice as profitable as their full sessions. You can find it here.

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