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When Clients are Heros

I'm pretty sure that every year when I share their session sneak peek, I talk about how long I've been working with the Kubenik family, and it's true. I've honestly lost count at this point.

But what you may not know is that this woman is actually also my doctor (favorite doctor ever). She was there when I found out a pregnancy was no longer viable, and she was there when I heard my son and daughter's hearts beat for the first time, to the delivery, and every step in between.

When I was admitted to the hospital for Pancreatitis she showed up in my room to check on me. She made sure I had a good breast pump because my daughter was only 6 weeks old. A week later when I was being prepped to have my gallbladder removed, she came to check in on me. None of these things were expected of her, but she has always gone above and beyond.

If she's your doctor too, you know that being in the exam room with her is like hanging out with a friend. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to, even though she's a real life hero for so many.

Still, it's easy for me to forget that this is what she does day in and day out for so many women in this area, and for that, I admire and respect her so much, and am humbled that she chooses to come back to me time and time again for this experience.

And of course, it's always a pleasure, love this crew!


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