When To Book Your Newborn Photos

"How early do I need to book my newborn photos?"

This is a very common question I hear from expectant moms.

Short answer: ASAP.

Longer answer: Sometime during your second trimester, ideally.

Lots of moms wait until their baby is born, and they are starting to feel "normal" again before they reach out to their photographer to make arrangements.

Is this really a problem? Yes and no.

Yes, this is a problem if you were really hoping to capture that true newborn essence that hangs around for only a week or two. We don't realize it as parents, but our babies change so very much in those first few weeks. Not only their looks, but by week two, they are much more alert, sometimes fussier and missing that certain newborn "je ne sais quoi ".

Of course, I've worked with plenty of older newborns, whose parents booked their session after baby was born. At this point I recommend an in home lifestyle session, and always explain the limitations of working with a baby who is a few weeks old. These photos aren't any less beautiful or meaningful, just different.

In my mind, one of the BIGGEST caveats of waiting until after baby is born is missing out on your Fresh 48 session!

Ashley and Ryan reached out back in October to book their Freshie for a February due date. This was perfect timing, and gave us lots of time to plan and prepare.

And I was so delighted when I arrived to the hospital and they were in the same room that I stayed in with my first born. That room is one of the brightest and it brought back a lot of warm and fuzzy memories.

Mason Andrew was such a dream baby, barely a peep from him the whole time. I think his easy going demeanor is here to stay, and you can totally see what a laid back little guy he is just by browsing through his photos.

newborn baby in hospital bassinet

baby boy sleeping in hospital bassinet sleeping asleep fresh 48

new mom standing in hospital room at bassinet looking at newborn baby

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