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When Your Newborn is a Little Older

Whenever it's possible, newborn studio sessions should take place during the first two weeks of life. This is because after that, baby is no longer so sleepy. A sleepy baby is easier to work with. Around the one month mark, baby is out of the "fourth trimester" and much more alert, napping less, and less "squishy" for lack of a better term.

That said, a baby is adorable and worth photographing at any stage. Just like my golden hour sessions, my studio sessions are best when my people are showing off their special connection.

Taylor was 2 MONTHS old when she visited me with her beautiful momma, Julie. Much to our surprise, Taylor fell asleep in her momma's arms (but not before were able to get shots of her giant blue eyes). It was the sweetest thing and such a great chance for snuggly newborn photos!

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