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Beautiful BOHO Catskills Senior Session

I am definitely oversharing from Taylor's senior session, last night.

What do the kids say? #sorrynotsorry

How could I not? From her fantastic wardrobe choices, her incredible freckles, the most quintessential Sullivan Catskills views in all my favorite spots in Roscoe, New York.

I don't make a habit of commenting on my seniors' looks, because I believe that everybody is photogenic and beautiful, but I have to say Taylor's beauty is classic and timeless. Of course I am obsessed with all things vintage, so I love that Taylor looks like she stepped out of 1968.

She's also been a wonderful Senior Rep, thus far. Responsible, punctual, and kind. The perfect face for JCSP's Roscoe Central School District's Rep.

Thank you so much Taylor (and Paige Roseo for signing her up and tagging along!). I am sure this won't be the last time we work together

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