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Couples Session at The DeBruce

Never hesitate to ask for a session in place I've never shot at or been!

A few weekends ago, I had a couple request a session at a brewery. More recently, I had a couple from Brooklyn staying at The DeBruce, Livingston Manor's newest restaurant/inn.

It turns out that The DeBruce was the absolute perfect setting for Elysia and Wes's 10th anniversary session. They were in the middle of enjoying a quiet weekend there, when I paid them a visit and we explored the halls and only scratched the surface of the 600 acres that the inn is nestled upon.

Elysia was hoping for a snowy day, and while there was snow on the ground, it just rained and rained and rained.

That didn't stop us. We stomped around until our socks were soaked.

I am always appreciative of each client who steps in front of my lens, but I am forever grateful to those who bring me to new and beautiful locations, such as The DeBruce.

Thank you Wes & Elysia, and Happy Anniversary!

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