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Oh how I love a baby wrist roll...

And baby K has the best ones.

Her mama (B) is my husband's colleague. B is a first grade teacher with a heart of gold. She was MADE to be a mommy. She was gifted a very generous gift certificate to JCSP at her work baby shower, and came to me, offering me free reign and full control of her session. I truly valued her trust. I can absolutely appreciate gathering ideas through Pinterest, and wanting to recreate them with your photographer, but I also know that my best sessions are not the ones when I am trying to recreate something somebody else did. Every client evokes a different vision when we meet, and for B, I knew it had to be a lifestyle session.

You see, B is a first time mama, and I know these days will be foggier and foggier as time goes by. I can hardly recollect that first year of being a mom. All of my energy was put into obsessing and figuring out what is best for my child, and what works for me and my family, and trying to strike a balance in that. I didn't know to stop and take a mental picture, and I honestly didn't believe the cliche that "It goes by so quickly" because some of those days were HARD, and some of those nights were LONG. But here I am, making plans for preschool for my oldest and chasing my toddler who won't stop climbing, even though I SWEAR she was just born, and she's still a tiny baby (so I'm not sure whose 2T dresses these are). So that's why I am so enthusiastic about my lifestyle sessions, Fresh 48 and A Day in the Life, because these moments, that seem menial, and mundane, are actually BEAUTIFUL, and need to be savored.

A Day in the Life session was the perfect fit for Mama B and Baby K as it turned out. While my outdoor portrait sessions take place outdoors either an hour or two after sunrise or an hour or two before sunset, my indoor lifestyle sessions take place during the middle of the day, when the sun is high, and I don't need to rely on artificial lighting (so not me). With a lifestyle session, we have more flexibility and I was able to come over as soon as K woke up from her nap.

Although I'd known B a long time, I met a new woman at the door that day. She was a woman filled with joy, maybe tired, but all of her love was being channeled into this amazing child who made her a mommy. I couldn't have been happier to see this side of B, and now to share it with you.

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